Noor Sham Society Development

A non-profit charitable organization whose goal is to support People of Syria Its source is the subsections of its members and the return of its development projects Concerned about the victims of the war and their families

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Installation of artificial limbs Installation of artificial

Direct communication

The organization provides direct contact between the donor and the injured

Financial aid

Provide monthly salaries to the families of the injured and the disabled

Documentation and Registration

The work team records and photographs all cases of injury and disability and check them

small projects

The organization provides small projects for people with disabilities to be able to rely on themselves

Campaign "Walk Together"

Large project to install prostheses for 1300 amputated patients

Children smile .. our first destination

Children's parties are held in Noor Al Sham Park.Underground

About Us

The organization was established in 2016


The team in Syria works to register and follow up all the cases registered in the office, in addition to visiting them in their homes

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The organization began its work by providing monthly financial assistance to the families of the injured and the handicapped. Then the work progressed significantly and quickly due to the lack of organizations operating in this field

Definition of the Organization

A non-profit charity that aims to help and serve our beloved country Syria Funding from the membership of the members and the return of development projects and donations from individuals and international organizations Concerned about the victims of the war and their families Founded in 2015

The offices are located in nine countries .. The main office is located in the city of Harasta east of Damascus it was licensed to work from Canada. City of Alberta. No. 5020610910

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See the latest achievements of the organization in the Syrian regions.

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